At Kybecca, craft is the abiding principle, driving a passion about the handmade, small producers, and skilled craftsman. Founded as a wine shop in 2005, Kybecca has been a full-service restaurant since March 2013. They cherish the plethora of fresh produce that Virginia has to offer and highlight these items in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Kybecca takes pride in the diversity of the food and drinks that they are able to offer — all while using the freshest ingredients available and continuing to support and cultivate a lush commonwealth. They source their ingredients locally whenever possible, working regularly with Olde Town Butcher, Blenheim Organic Gardens, Snead’s Farm, Glenburnie Farm, Clyde Howard’s Farm, and many other Virginia producers.

“In our opinion, diversity is the most enjoyable thing about Virginia. As the halfway point between DC and Richmond, we experience diversity through the new customers we meet every day, the beautiful and divergent landscapes, and most importantly the diversity in the food and drinks that we are able to offer.”


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