Best Restaurants in Clifton, VA

Are you looking for a quiet, charming town in Northern Virginia? Welcome to Clifton, VA, located in Fairfax County, often described by locals as a town rich in history and beautiful homes. On its rich history and homes, many still need to learn that 90% of homes in Clifton were built before the 2000s. This attractive small town is home to sites like the Vintage Caboose and the Clifton Primitive Baptist Church. One notable aspect of this Virginia town is the greenery, making it great for families seeking the quiet suburb lifestyle.

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Nestled in the heart of Clifton, Virginia, some delicious restaurants and cafes are just waiting to be enjoyed. Each restaurant brings a unique touch to the town, from cozy cafes to elegant dining spots. The town is perfect for nature lovers, historians, and the foodies. Try one of these if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Clifton, VA!

Clifton Cafe

Clifton Cafe– Whether you’re starting your day with coffee and a crepe, having brunch with mimosas, or winding down with happy hour and dinner, the Clifton Cafe has you covered. The place has a European café vibe, with a lovely outdoor patio and comfy indoor seating. It’s in the historic Weaver House in Clifton, Virginia – a cozy spot to gather, enjoy good food, and take in the town’s history.

Tummer’s on Main

Trummer’s on Main– At Trummer’s, you’ll discover a haven of delicious food that highlights Virginia’s diverse farming community, top-notch service, and the state’s most extensive wine selection. The atmosphere is simply stunning. Situated in the delightful town of Clifton, Virginia, Trummer’s stands out as one of the best dining experiences in the area.

Victoria and Stefan Trummer, who were the first New York restaurateurs to bring their expertise to Clifton, created this gem. Located on Main Street in a historically rich town born from the Civil War, Trummer’s is the brainchild of this husband-and-wife duo. They’ve blended “small town charm with fabulous food and attentive service generally found in big food cities.”

The Wine Attic

The Wine Attic– While it’s technically not a restaurant, we have to mention the wine attic if you’re interested in picking up a bottle or two. They also sell snacks and goodies that are perfect for a picnic. If you’re going to a winery in the area, it’s a great place to stop and grab the essentials for snacking!

Trattoria Villagio

At Trattoria Villagio, you get the best of both worlds – the classy feel of a Roman Trattoria combined with the lively atmosphere of an Italian train station. They’re open for lunch and dinner as well as brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Known for a wide variety of wines, delicious salumi, and handcrafted pasta dishes, they’re a go-to spot whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite, a leisurely meal, a family night out, or a big social gathering.

The Main Street Pub

The Main Street Pub is a unique dining experience in Clifton’s historic general store. They serve lunch and dinner all week and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. They have an approachable menu that is perfect for a family meal. If you find yourself in this spot and are stuck with the ideal choice, feel free to opt for the Reuben sandwich or Caprese burger.

The Main Street Pub is a solid little spot in a converted Texaco station with a unique dining experience. Every American pub lover would refer to it as a Great Place. There is excellent food – any meal, great service – every visit, and a great atmosphere.

Peterson’s Depot

Peterson’s Depot is an ice cream shop open during the warmer months and is a great spot to grab a sweet treat! When the weatherman says, “Hot, hot,” Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot is your perfect location to chill. If you are in Clifton, VA, for the summer holiday or just passing through, the ice cream at Peterson’s is a must-have.

What I like about Peterson’s Depot is the open space ambiance and the use of greenery to amplify the scene. For ice cream lovers, this is the perfect outdoor camp experience, but with ice cream. The flavors range from Classics to Rotational flavors to Sorbets, and there is a scoop for you.

Paradise Spring Winery

While this technically isn’t a restaurant, we had to include Paradise Spring Winery on our list because it’s a gorgeous spot in Clifton, and they often have food trucks! This is the first modern vineyard and winery in Fairfax County owned by the Kincheloe-Wiles family. From wine tasting or tours to dates and barrel shopping, you are guaranteed an experience like no other. “Welcome To Paradise” is the greeting that welcomes you upon arrival at this gorgeous location.

This spot is a top recommendation based on the setting. Paradise Springs Winery has a setting arrangement that piques one’s attention with a deck, an indoor and outdoor space, and a garden, all surrounded by barrels that give you that deep-rooted feel of being at a vineyard. This setting accommodates family, fun friends, and intimate lovers.

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