Foodies Stand with Ukraine

Chubby-cheeked toddler in a gray tee shirt with wispy hair gazes upward.

Image: world Central Kitchen

Graphic: Solid black Virginia state shape with groovy white type over it saying, "Love your neighbors!" Blue and yellow type below says, "Neat & Far"


Ukranian girl with pink snow cap, black coat, and red scarf standing outdoors in snow flurries.

Image: Cocoa Manna

Not all of our neighbors share our borders, but they do occupy our hearts.

The recent news from Ukraine has been distressing. One positive thing to do is take action. You can send help to the citizens of Mariupol, Volnovakha, and Kyiv right now. Donate directly to World Central Kitchen, International Rescue Committee and Unicef for Ukraine.

World Central Kitchen: 85.7% program, 4.9% administration, 9.2% fundraising
International Recue Committee: 87% programs, 8% administration, 5% Fundraising
Unicef: 89% programs, 3% administration, 8% fundraising

Disclaimer is not affiliated with World Central Kitchen, International Rescue Fund, UNICEF, or any of their affiliates or partners.

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