Lynchburg’s BS Grillin’ Company Turns 5 Years Old

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BS Grillin’ Company, a woman-owned VA Finest condiment company, announced today their five-year celebration of selling all-natural, low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan relishes and BBQ sauces within the Mid-Atlantic region and online through Amazon.

Lynchburg, Virginia – BS Grillin’ Company, Lynchburg, Virginia’s premier gourmet condiment company known for designing all-natural, low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan BBQ sauces and relishes, is excited to announce their five-year celebration of selling products within the Mid-Atlantic region and online through Amazon. BS Grillin’ has put a unique spin on conventional BBQ condiment favorites by only using fresh cut ingredients and alcohol-based preservatives. And the demand just continues to grow.

To date, more than 72,000 BS Grillin’ Company specialty products have been consumed by people all over the country. Our mission is to design better replacements for today’s health-conscious consumers because we believe that food can define and enrich lives. Hence to why we use simple, authentic ingredients and sustainable business practices to craft gourmet barbecue sauces that you can feel good about using. Whether you’re seeking a tasty marinade, go-to dip or flavorful burger sauce, our all-natural, low-sugar BBQ sauces and relishes are the perfect complement to an active and vibrant lifestyle.

After years of research, development, and testing, BS Grillin’ Company products are currently found in the Mid-Atlantic Giant, Food Lion, and select Sprouts store locations and online through Amazon.


This unique BBQ sauce pairs the deep and rich flavor of the honey bourbon together with the sweetness of the pineapple and is thoughtfully balanced with a little heat from fresh jalapeno peppers to create a delicious multi-purpose sauce that can be used from the grill to the stovetop to the crockpot.


This traditional tomato-based BBQ grilling sauce includes a hint of apricot brandy which gives it a smooth, smoky flavor that will elevate grilled tofu, bone-in chicken or a tender ribeye.


Looking for some heat? This spicy blend of four peppers gives the non-pickled relish a sweet start and builds up to a strong heat finish that won’t leave you gasping to recover your taste buds.


Our 100 year-old family recipe adds an exceptional flavor to any meal. Zucchini and special spices create a distinct flavor that will have your guest wondering what that “secret ingredient” is.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the five-year milestone of BS Grillin’ Company,” said AJ Richards, CEO and Owner of BS Grillin’ Company. “When you don’t have time to spare but want to take a step towards a building a healthier lifestyle, our products are sure to help make things go a little easier. “And that’s No BS!”

Stay tuned for more store location updates on BS Grillin’ Company’s website as they move nationwide this year.

About BS Grillin’ Company

BS Grillin’ Company is Virginia’s premier condiment company founded in Lynchburg, Virginia by Chef AJ Richards who struggled with food allergies all her life and wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy whether or not you had allergies. The second aspect of her product line was to be budget friendly. Her website recipes show how to create numerous of other condiments that families buy weekly.

Stay tune for new flavors being released 2019. Raise a jar and celebrate with us!

For more information about BS Grillin’ Company, please visit

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