Virginia kombucha business wins national small business award

Waynesboro’s Blue Ridge Bucha was just announced as a winner of the national SCORE Awards, which honor the achievements of outstanding U.S. entrepreneurs and small business owners, and recognize individuals and organizations who have demonstrated unique vision, innovation and achievement in support of the U.S. small business community.


Owners Kate and Ethan Zuckerman were awarded “Outstanding American Manufacturing Small Business” for making an environmental impact through handcrafted organic kombucha, a naturally carbonated, fermented tea.

  • In 2010, the Zuckerman’s founded Blue Ridge Bucha with a mission: make delicious, kombucha sustainably by using refillable bottles.

  • To date, the couple’s refillable bottles and innovative draft systems have saved more than 750,000 bottles from landfills. 

  • With a humble beginning selling kombucha out of the back of an old Honda Civic, Blue Ridge Bucha’s multiple kombucha flavors are now distributed to more than 50 chains and markets in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., including Whole Foods.

  • As the company continues to average a 70 percent annual growth rate, they remain committed to making a big economic and social impact in the local community and strive to live up to their motto: Big Flavor, Small Footprint.

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