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Image: Belle Isle Craft Spirits - Ash Carr

Image: Belle Isle Craft Spirits – Ash Carr

Virginia’s rich history carries with it some time-tested traditions for making good alcohol, and these distilleries have raised the bar by adding a modern touch. From across the Old Dominion, we found foodie treasures bottled with class in good company and aged atmosphere.

Image: VA Distillery - Tom Daley Photography

Image: VA Distillery – Tom Daley Photography

Virginia Distillery Company

In Lovingston, the Virginia Distillery Co stands by their motto, “against the grain,” with authentic copper stills and the best quality malted barley. Here you’ll find an authentic Virginia Whiskey experience nestled on 100 acres of rolling hills where guests can taste whiskey and specialty cocktails made with local Virginia ingredients. The Virginia Distillery Co is known for their Virginia Highland Malt Whiskey, a port finished whiskey with subtle flavors only crafted in the ideal climate of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Image: Texas Beach Bloody Mary

Image: Texas Beach Bloody Mary

Texas Beach Bloody Mary

A well-rounded dining experience calls for the perfect blend of Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix.  Balanced and strong, this mix holds its own with the finest Virginia spirits. The robust flavor, created with natural ingredients and free from artificial add-ins, has been known to convert many a virgin tongue to the love of this savory classic. With a subtle heat to warm your brunch or finish your day, the Texas Beach Bloody Mary will quickly become a steadfast companion.

Image: Keep it Simple Syrup

Image: Keep it Simple Syrup


Keep It Simple Syrup, or “KISS,” started off as a unique alternative to the coffeehouse flavor syrups that were loaded with artificial ingredients. KISS founder, Susan Martinson, wanted to provide an all-natural alternative for foodies who only put the best in their drinks. KISS has raised the standards for some of Virginia’s favorites – Sweet Southern Tea and Mint Juleps – with their all-natural spearmint syrup. Kick up your whiskey with their latest cinnamon syrup, and tip your glass in good health, knowing you’re only drinking the best.

Image: One Eight Distilling - Jason Falchook

Image: One Eight Distilling – Jason Falchook

One Eight Distilling

This distillery bears a name paying tribute to their hometown of D.C., and as loyal locals, One Eight Distilling uses the best locally-sourced ingredients available. They’ve made all the right connections to deliver a strong drink and a strong experience from grain to glass. Ivy City Gin continues One Eight’s passion for all things D.C., named after the northeast D.C. neighborhood. Featuring notes of Juniper and Spicebush, this is a gold-medal-winning drink with subtle but powerful character.

Image: Belle Isle Craft Spirits - Alexander Kreher

Image: Belle Isle Craft Spirits – Alexander Kreher

Belle Isle Craft Spirits

Located in Richmond, Virginia, Belle Isle Craft Spirits pays respect to the men before them with their authentic copper stills. They’ve chosen to create a premium moonshine distilled from 100% organic corn and only the finest, all-natural ingredients. With an award-winning lineup including infusions like Ruby Red Grapefruit and Habanero Honey, you’re likely to come away from these bottles with a smile.

Image: A. Smith Bowman Distillery - Sean Coogan

Image: A. Smith Bowman Distillery – Sean Coogan

A. Smith Bowman Distillery

The day after Prohibition ended, A. Smith Bowman wasted no time, but took to task making his hand-crafted sprits. Established at Sunset Hills Farm in Fairfax, the A. Smith Bowman Distillery remains a family-owned operation growing their own grains to craft Deep Run vodka and Sunset Hills gin infused with their rich history.

Image: Appalachian Mountain Spirits

Image: Appalachian Mountain Spirits

Appalachian Mountain Spirits

Generations of moonshiners have perfected the Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine recipe at Appalachian Mountain Spirits in Marion. The distillers here are using the same genuine recipe passed down from the mountains. Add some color with the Single Malt Corn Whiskey “Revelations,” a gold medal winner whose grains are smoked over red oak for a unique accent. Supporting local farmers by using locally grown corn, Appalachian Mountain is as authentic as they come.

Not only do these seven Virginia distilleries carry the best of Virginia’s Moonshining and distilling traditions down through the ages, but they continue to blaze a trail for the future of the craft. There’s a warmth in the work these people do that can’t be explained by the fire under the copper stills. With good atmosphere and good drink, you’ll find yourself at home in any of these tried and true establishments. Reach out and grab a glass to lift your spirits with Virginia’s best.

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