How to Find Local Flower Farms in Virginia

Sweet Greens Farm

Tantivy Farm

Harmony Harvest Farm

If you’re looking for a way to support local agriculture and enjoy the beauty of nature, Virginia’s flower farms are a great place to start. From sunflowers to dahlias, there are a variety of farms throughout the state that offer stunning blooms for visitors to enjoy. Here’s a guide to help you find the best flower farms in Virginia.

While the majority of bouquets and plants sold in the US are imported, the good news is that flower farming is on the rise in the country. In fact, the flower farming industry has a daily economic impact of around $42 million and is growing. So, if you want to support local farmers and enjoy fresh, beautiful blooms, be sure to check out Virginia’s flower farms!

If you are new to flower farming, tightening up your own marketing practices, or simply love to buy and gift flowers, you might appreciate learning about Harmony Harvest Farm in Weyers Cave, Virginia, and their passion for selling local, beautiful, high-quality flowers that keep customers coming back.

Jessica Hall of Harmony Harvest shares that she always knew it was her and her sister’s calling to get flowers into people’s hands, “we didn’t understand just how deep that calling was to get flowers in everybody’s hands.” 

Jessica, the brainchild of the 20-acre flower farm, runs the business with her mother, Chris Auville, and sister, Stephanie Duncan. Together, this energetic trifecta has taken their flower business to the big leagues, shipping their flowers nationwide to wholesale and retail to the end customers. They also love selling bouquets and floral arrangements locally for weddings and other events. 

During the height of the pandemic, the trio worried about getting flowers into people’s hands because of the fear and uncertainty, as well as the possible de-prioritization of flowers as a non-essential item, but they soon realized that people needed joy and hope in such strange times. They’ve been going stronger than ever since then and look forward to more adventures in flower growing, cutting, and sales.

If you are looking for Virginia flower farms to support your local community and enjoy fresh, beautiful blooms, Harmony Harvest is just one of many options to explore! Check out these other local flower farms to discover even more stunning varieties and support your local economy.

More Virginia Flower Farms to Explore

  • Sweet Greens Farm, Scottsville, VA

  • Liberty Flower Farm, Spout Spring, VA

  • Irvington Spring Farm, Lynchburg, VA

  • Wollam Gardens, Jeffersonton, VA

  • Blue Heron Farm, Nellysford, VA

  • Lavender Fields @ Tantivy Farm, Fairfield, VA

  • Foothills Flower Farm, Charlottesville, VA

  • The Laughing Crow Flower Farm, Maidens, VA

  • Thornfield Farm, Fincastle, VA

  • Farrish Farm, Weyers Cave, VA

  • Rosefield Farm and Flowers, Appomattox, VA

  • Freckled Flower Farm, Montpelier, VA

  • Tiny Fields Farm, Churchville, VA

  • Sonrise Flower Farm, Winchester, VA

  • Fields of Flowers, Purcellville, VA

  • Stonecrop Farm, Newport, VA

  • Lark & Sky Farms, Troutville, VA

  • Wind Haven Farm, Topping, VA

  • Bloom Flower Farm, Nokesville, VA

  • Yonderyear Farm, Rockbridge Baths, VA

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