Juan More Taco: Tasty Tacos in RVA and FXBG

After seeing Juan More Taco on the list of Style Weekly’s Best New Restaurants in Richmond, we knew we had to give it a try. This taco place recently opened in the heart of the Fan, but it opened its first location in Fredericksburg in 2019. Before opening their brick-and-mortar store, they ran (and still run) a popular food truck! So they’ve been in the taco game for quite a while.

The restaurant itself is small. It’s on Robinson St. across from Nuevo Mexico, so there’s no shortage of Mexican food on this strip of the fan. There is a large bar in the center with tables surrounding the bar. There were a couple of groups of 3-4 people, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to bring a group larger than that. I had made a reservation online, but there were plenty of tables available on a Friday night. (That was pretty surprising since most spots have a wait at that point.)

The menu format is a “pick your protein” style menu where you choose a filling and then decide if you want it in tacos, quesadillas, a burrito, etc. We went with the three-taco option and got two with vegan asada and one with roasted vegetables. We liked that we were able to pick more than one protein option so we could try different things.

The vegan asada was so meaty, we started to wonder if they had accidentally given us the regular asada, so that’s the sign of a good vegan taco. We also liked that the seasonal veggie taco came with a nice variety of veggies in there. It was seasoned really well and although you might not expect a pile of vegetables to have a lot of flavor, this was really delicious.

We also ordered the dip trio, a spread of guacamole, salsa, and queso. We loved the guacamole. The salsa was a little thin but had a nice flavor. The queso was nothing to write home about, but it was smooth and creamy. The chips were thick and crunchy, perfect for scooping up guacamole and any runaway taco fillings.

We each got a classic margarita, and we enjoyed it so much we settled on a second round. We probably should have explored more of the cocktail menu because they had a pretty nice variety of margaritas and cocktail suggestions, but this gives me an excuse to go back!

The service was friendly and our food came out pretty quickly. We had to flag the bartender down for a second round of margaritas, but they were fast once we placed our order. There was also live music, provided by two older gentlemen with guitars. We appreciated that it was a lot of classic covers and it wasn’t too loud, so we were still able to have a conversation over the music.

Richmond has a lot of great taco options, but we were impressed with the food, and the menu format sets itself apart from some of the other local spots. I’d definitely recommend stopping by for tacos and a classic margarita!

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