Best Coffee in Roanoke

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Roanoke has a great coffee scene with something for everyone. This list showcases Roanoke’s must-go-to coffee spots, from independently owned hangouts that roast beans on-site to sleek cafes that serve unique blends and delicious snacks. These wonderful coffee drinks will provide you with more energy to explore Roanoke!

Image via Roasters Next Door

Roasters Next Door (RND)

Roasters Next Door is a craft coffee shop offering roasted small-batch beans and a cozy community vibe. Owned by Chef Quincy Randolph, their rotating menu caters to all tastes, from complex single-origin brews to bold blends. In addition to coffee, they also offer snacks and breakfast sandwiches. They recently hosted an awesome latte art competition with a lot of the other coffee shops in the area, and we love to see that kind of collaboration! RND has a location in downtown Roanoke, as well as an additional location in Vinton, VA — just outside of the city.

Sweet Donkey Coffee

Image via Sweet Donkey Coffee

Sweet Donkey Coffee House is a true local coffee house — like it’s literally built inside a historic house! Sweet Donkey Coffee offers unique specialty coffee drinks like rosemary lattes and a popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch coffee drink, alongside classic drinks. This coffee house draws crowds for its delicious coffee and friendly baristas. You can unwind inside or soak up the sun at the outdoor patio seating. (FYI- finding seating can be tricky on busy weekends.) In addition to their coffee, they also serve alcoholic beverages and occasionally host local food trucks, so it’s a great spot to visit any time of the day!

Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea serves artisan coffee, specials, and roasted coffee beans weekly alongside a full breakfast/lunch menu. This coffee house was founded in 1990 by a Virginia Tech alum, and it has a few different locations around Virginia. Its name might be a reference to the iconic landmark, the Roanoke Star, also known as the Mill Mountain Star. This neon landmark overlooks the city from the summit of Mill Mountain. 

The flagship shop in Roanoke is conveniently located less than a block from the Farmers Market, and it draws crowds for its fresh baked goods, creative drinks (including year-round seasonal favorites), and cozy ambiance.

Image via Little Green Hive

Little Green Hive

Little Green Hive is a great spot to visit if you’re taking a trip to the “Crafteria” mall. They have a few different locations, but their downtown one is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee while browsing the local shops. Beyond the craft coffee and freshly baked treats, it offers a unique opportunity to be surrounded by locally made crafts and wares. This is a true gem in downtown Roanoke. (Be sure to check their hours before you visit. Their downtown location is closed on Sundays.)

Image via Altar Coffee

Altar Coffee

If you’re just looking to grab a coffee to go, be sure to check out Altar Coffee! This mobile coffee cart serves up all kinds of coffee drinks, so just take a peek at their Instagram to see if you can catch them around Roanoke. If you spot their cart, it’s nearly impossible to walk by without buying a cup. The smells alone will convince you to stop!

Gladhart Coffee

Ok technically this isn’t a coffee shop, but we can’t leave out Gladheart Coffee Roasters! They roast their own beans and you can grab a bag to make great coffee at home! This project is an extension of their wine & beer shop, so if you time it right, you could swing by the shop to taste their coffee and shop for a bottle of wine. Now that’s a win-win.

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