New Farm to Table Restaurant, The Broken Tulip, to Open in Carytown

Image: The Broken Tulip

Image: The Broken Tulip

Husband and wife team David Crabtree-Logan and Sariann Lehrer are opening The Broken Tulip, a farm to table restaurant in the heart of Carytown, at 3129 W Cary Street

After traveling the country and the world plying their trade, the couple have settled in Virginia to celebrate the best produce the farmers, fishermen, and foragers of the region have to offer. 

The restaurant will offer a set multi-course menu, showcasing premium local ingredients and artisan producers. Meals are congenially served around three large farmhouse tables. “We want it to be more than a place to eat,” Crabtree-Logan said. “We want people to interact with each other, and we know that the best way for that to happen is over good food.”

David Crabtree-Logan, originally from Scotland, trained in some of the finest restaurants in Edinburgh, including Michelin-starred The Plumed Horse and The Kitchin. He has travelled extensively, admiring, studying, and devouring local cuisine around the world. David is excited to create delicious, heartfelt menus that reflect the time and place they are served. 

Sariann Lehrer, a Connecticut native, is the co-author of A Feast of Ice and Fire: the Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook. She has a passion for forgotten foods, and is thrilled to find herself in a region so steeped in food history and culture as Virginia. “Our aim to to serve something you’ve never had at each meal you enjoy with us- whether it’s a familiar ingredient served up in a unique way, or a new ingredient served up with a story and a reason we find it important to share.”

The Broken Tulip is open for dinner Thursday, Friday at Saturday, with seatings at 6pm and 8:30pm, and for brunch on Sunday at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Reservations are recommended and can be made through the website, or by calling (804) 353-4020.

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