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Are you a local farm-to-table or farm-to-factory brand that wants to reach more potential customers and grow your business? Feel free to submit your business to our food list.

We’re more than restaurants! Our list covers farms, farm markets, local shops, dining, food trucks, cafes, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and food manufacturers who are committed to the good food industry.

Since 2017, we have shared our lists with readers looking for the best locally-grown and packaged food products. Our readers use these lists to find new foods and restaurants, plan their trips, and find fantastic food gift items. When you list your business on our FREE directory, you can reach thousands of people across the country who are as passionate about good food as you are. 

In addition to our free listings, we offer premium listings that allow you to add pictures and more. We will even edit your premium listings and add one link to a website, shopping cart, or anywhere else you choose. Fill out our signup form today.

Small Business Solutions

Good food is about more than sustainably sourced, organic food. It’s also about building communities and connecting food businesses with local consumers. That is why we offer a wide range of food marketing services designed to promote your products, events, and more. Our small business marketing packages are affordable and can help set your business up for success. Keep reading to learn more about our small business support services. 

  • Annual Gift Guide Our highly anticipated gift guides are popular among readers passionate about finding the best food-related gifts and products for themselves and their loved ones. This is an excellent way to generate sales and build brand awareness. 

  • Influencer Campaigns Grow your brand on social media with our influencer campaigns. When you choose one of our influencer packages, we will showcase your brand to our audience of passionate foodies.

  • Event Promotion Do you have an event you want to promote? We can help you create a custom event promotion package. Our packages can drive attendees to your event while increasing brand awareness. 

  • Product Photos Your images sell your products, but photographing food comes with unique challenges. Our team can help you create stunning photos to showcase all your products, making them irresistible to customers. 

  • Optimize Web Copy Drive more organic traffic to your website with our food SEO and content marketing services. We can optimize your current content and create new content, making it easier for customers to find you online. 

  • Create Product Descriptions Do you want product descriptions that wow? We will create descriptions that show off all your product’s best features and highlight your company’s values. Contact us today for marketing help with your food-based business. 



Sponsor Content on VAFoodie

Do you want to grow your brand presence and reach a wider audience? Ask about our sponsored content packages. You can sponsor an article or series of articles, sponsor an email or newsletter, promote an event page, and more. While we do not cover restaurants in our sponsored content packages, we do cover travel and entertainment. 

Why Sponsor Content on VAFoodie?

As a well-established food blog with thousands of loyal followers, we have extensive reach into the foodie community. Here are some great reasons to consider our sponsored content packages:

  • Reach tens of thousands of foodies who are looking for businesses like yours

  • Increase brand awareness and boost your brand’s credibility

  • Increase engagement across all your platforms

  • Take advantage of our consistent 45% email open rate

  • Improve your business’ SEO with quality backlinks 

  • Improve ROI on all your marketing campaigns

  • Improve event attendance

These are just a few reasons you should consider sponsored content for your food business. Contact us today to learn more about all our services. 

Listen to Good Food Marketing


Do you own a good food brand? Then you should check out the podcast Good Food Marketing. Hosted by VAFoodie founder Georgiana Dearing, it provides invaluable resources to good food businesses. George takes listeners behind the scenes and shows you how to make smart marketing choices for your good food business. This includes insights into the future of the good food industry, interviews with experts and brands who are succeeding in the industry, as well as tips and strategies from the original Virginia Foodie herself.

Marketing Strategy for Good Food Brands

Do you want to truly bring your food brand to the next level? Check out our one-on-one marketing strategy services. We partner with packaged food brand owners committed to organic, sustainable, and local sourcing practices. Our clients are dedicated to helping the US agriculture industry grow and thrive by creating profitable markets from farm to factory, and we want to support that journey. Our marketing strategy services help you build a long-term plan to expand your reach and positively impact more lives. Keep reading to learn more, or contact us today at Good-Food-Marketing.com.

  • Group Coaching Do you want to work with other businesses committed to providing their customers with good food? Our group coaching sessions include in-depth industry insights from our good food marketing experts, structured guidance, and the chance to network with others in your industry. We’ll show you what it means to be a good food business and how to share your values and products with your customers. 

  • Coaching Sprints on Individual Topics Are you a food business owner struggling with certain areas of marketing? Our coaching sprints are an excellent investment. During these sprints, we will help you push through the common marketing challenges that all food-based businesses face. 

  • One-On-One Coaching When you choose our one-on-one coaching services, we will work with you for a year to develop and implement a marketing strategy tailored to your unique business. Our one-on-one services include weekly Zoom calls with our marketing coaches, worksheets, and easy-to-follow guides that help set your brand up for success.

    Want to learn more about our marketing strategies for good food brands? Contact us today to get started. 

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A thriving local food economy needs thriving local food businesses.

Our original founder, Georgiana Dearing, has been helping brands reach fans since 1998. Now, she’s sharing all her experience from working with corporate clients in ways emerging GOOD FOOD brands can use – distilled into manageable bites. Check out good-food-marketing.com to learn more about the marketing strategy and coaching that are available to help your brand sell in, sell through, and have fans come back for more.


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